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If you are moving to a different town or even a different country, it is not impossible to move your piano to that new location. But moving a piano is a different story altogether. Unless you know how to move a piano, it is better to entrust the task to professional movers who have experience with doing just that. Piano movers are able to transport your piano anywhere in the country or if it is very heavy, even overseas. And, because they are professionals, they can do the job quickly and safely. Here are some pointers to help you learn how to move a piano:

Determine the Cost of the Move. Local piano movers quote a flat rate for moving your piano, which covers all aspects of the move. You must be prepared to pay this flat rate, including the weight of the instrument, to get your piano to your new home. Although it is sometimes possible to move a piano by yourself, very often it is better to entrust the task to local piano movers. It is so simple to locate a local moving company offering flat rate piano moving services at reasonable rates, and most will also include piano moving in to a complete household move.

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Calculate the Length of the Move. Most local piano movers will provide you with a total time for your move, including the time it takes from pick up to delivery. This includes hours of preparation, days of storage at your home, and transportation from your home to the new location. The calculation of days and hours is based on a standard move in one day, but it is often possible to request additional days or weeks for the move, depending on the circumstances. Ask the piano movers about additional options if you have special needs or requests that are not addressed in the standard plan.

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Compare Costs of Different Movers. Many piano moving companies have a list of prices for similar jobs. You can usually get this list by asking the movers for a quote for the move. You should always choose the movers that are experienced and have a good record of performance. Ask friends and family for recommendations of local movers who have established relationships with reputable firms.

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Decide How to Move a Piano on Your Own. You may decide to move the piano by yourself, using a dolly or a stairlift. In some cases, the stairs are too steep to make the move safe. Before attempting to move an instrument on your own, you should consult experienced musicians and music instructors for tips and advice.

Best Piano Movers in Brooks, Georgia

Look For Professional Piano Movers. The professionals offer many additional services, such as packing and unpacking the instrument, transferring it from one vehicle to another, and removing damaged matted strings and hammers from the drum set. Some piano moving companies will even remove the piano for hours while the professional movers evaluate it for damage. If you decide to attempt to move the piano on your own and do not have experience with moving pianos, you should rely on the expertise of professional piano movers to ensure the move is done safely and successfully.

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